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Tradition and responsibility

We have been developing and implementing customized logistics solutions for all modes of transport since 1973. We use the know-how we have generated over decades in accordance with the requirements of our customers and the principles of social and ecological sustainability. In doing so, we rely above all on our employees trained in the CONTI-TRANS Quality System and our long-standing cooperation with independent freight carriers.

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Welcome to CONTI-TRANS, your trusted partner for logistics solutions

Since our founding, we have been dedicated to the mission of not only meeting expectations, but exceeding them. Our history is characterized by innovation, commitment and the constant pursuit of the highest quality in the logistics industry. At CONTI-TRANS, we combine professional expertise with personal commitment to provide customized solutions for your individual requirements.

Discover the values that drive us and find out why CONTI-TRANS is your first choice for first-class logistics.

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Customer-centered service

We place the highest value on the needs of our customers. Through comprehensive analysis, we understand the individual requirements and offer tailor-made logistics solutions that meet expectations.

Environmentally friendly logistics

As a pioneer in the industry, we are committed to environmentally friendly practices. Our fleet complies with the Euro 6 standard and we minimize empty kilometers through precise route optimization.

Innovative technology

By using advanced solutions, we optimize processes, improve efficiency and always offer our customers future-oriented logistics services.

Our mission

Personally your's logistics with vision

At CONTI-TRANS, we redefine logistics - with a clear focus on personality and foresight. Our approach goes beyond the transportation of goods; it is reflected in a dedicated team that understands not only your freight, but also your needs. Our personal contacts accompany you from start to finish, provide tailor-made solutions and are always there for you. With a mix of experience, innovative spirit and individual support, we make logistics not only efficient, but above all personal - as individual as your company. Welcome to the future of logistics. Welcome to CONTI-TRANS.

Our history

The company history of CONTI-TRANS

Founded in 1973 by Helmut Schmitz, Norbert Wagner and Willfried Nelles, CONTI-TRANS represents a long history in the logistics industry. The founders' visions laid the foundation for a success story based on innovation, commitment and first-class service. For more than five decades, CONTI-TRANS has stood for reliable logistics solutions, driven by a constant willingness to exceed expectations. Our path is characterized by continuous growth, investment in state-of-the-art technologies and, above all, dedicated employees who give their best every day.

Our logistics services offer decisive added value and are attracting ever-growing interest and sales opportunities in the global market. Our strength and our special distinguishing feature are characterized by our professional tradition and our family responsibility. We stand by our customer-oriented, absolutely trusting work mentality and therefore present ourselves with our slogan "CONTI-TRANS: personally yours".

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