Project logistics

Whether large, long, wide or heavy: CONTI-TRANS is an expert for project logistics and is your partner for complex transports

Customised project logistics

Project logistics from the specialist

Successful project logistics requires more than just planning - it requires comprehensive expertise, country-specific know-how and a sophisticated strategy.

At CONTI-TRANS, we understand the complexity behind every project. With specialised departments for land, sea and air freight, we develop tailor-made solutions for machinery, plant and industrial equipment. Our focus is on offering personalised, complete support and ensuring that every logistical challenge is successfully mastered. For us, project logistics goes far beyond the standard - we are your experienced partner for complex, challenging and oversized projects, worldwide since 1973.

Find out how our project logistics can take your project to the next level and ensure your success.

  • Customised logistics concepts: From kick-off meetings to route inspections, planning of order processing and monitoring of delivery dates
  • Efficient pre- and post-carriage by road, inland waterway and rail
  • Professional transport packaging / heavy goods packaging
  • Worldwide shipments with liner and charter ships, also involving specialised heavy lift vessels
  • International transport support: so that your freight reaches its destination safely
  • Crane logistics for demanding projects

Advantages at a glance

Advantages of our project and logistics services

Comprehensive planning and advice

We provide detailed planning and advice to ensure that every project is carried out smoothly and efficiently.

Customised transport solutions

Our experts develop customised transport solutions for projects of any size and complexity, whether by land, sea or air.

Specialised packaging and handling

With specialised packaging and handling expertise, we ensure that your goods are transported safely and securely.

Global transport handling

As an experienced international freight forwarder, we coordinate transport worldwide, from collection to delivery.

Customs clearance and compliance

We take care of all customs requirements and ensure compliance with all regulations.

Real-time monitoring and reporting

Using the latest technologies, we monitor your shipments in real time and provide detailed reporting.

Risk management

Our team identifies potential risks at an early stage and implements strategies to ensure the smooth execution of the project.

Sustainability in project realisation

We value sustainable practices to minimise environmental impact while ensuring maximum efficiency.

  • Project logistics
  • Special transports
  • Partial and full loads

Customised solutions for your freight

The world of project logistics presents numerous challenges, whether it's managing complex transport routes, handling exceptionally large or unusually shaped goods or organising trade fair transports - we are your experienced partner, offering innovative and tailor-made solutions for all these challenges.

At CONTI-TRANS, we focus on innovation and flexibility to ensure that your project runs smoothly. No matter how unique or complex your requirements, we're on hand to make sure your freight gets to its destination safely, on time and efficiently.

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Flexibility for exceptional freight

Special transports often require customised approaches. At CONTI-TRANS, we understand the complexity of these transports and offer not only the necessary specialised vehicles, but also comprehensive planning and advice. We take care of the necessary permits, route optimisation and ensure that your exceptional freight arrives safely and on time.

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Efficient solutions for every cargo size

The challenges of part and full loads range from the efficient utilisation of freight capacities to the precise coordination of delivery times. CONTI-TRANS offers you not only flexibility, but also efficiency. Through precise route optimisation and careful coordination, we ensure that your cargo is transported in the best possible way.

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Trust, expertise, success

The basis of our partnerships in project logistics

Trust is the be-all and end-all in project logistics. For this reason, we work exclusively with carefully selected partners at national and international level.

These partnerships go beyond pure selection - they are the result of long-standing relationships and joint successes. Each of our partners is specifically tailored to the requirements of project logistics, and together we form a strong network for complex logistics challenges. Working closely with our selected partners ensures not only the highest level of professionalism, but also flexibility and adaptability to respond to specific requirements and unforeseen events.

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