Green Logistics

Working together for a greener future

Sustainability in action

Responsible logistics for a green future

The promotion of sustainable development, the careful use of resources and the protection of the environment are central elements of our corporate philosophy. We do not see sustainability as an empty promise, but as a daily commitment. We take concrete measures to actively promote environmentally friendly logistics in order to conserve nature and resources. Our entire fleet complies with the Euro 6 standard, empty kilometres are minimised through precise route optimisation and the use of LNG truck motors demonstrates our commitment to a green future.

CO2 reduction

Focus on effective CO2 reduction and energy efficiency

In our endeavours to make a positive contribution to environmental protection, we are focusing intensively on reducing our carbon footprint and increasing energy efficiency in our logistics processes. Through innovative technologies and precise route optimisation, we not only minimise CO2 emissions, but also maximise the energy efficiency of our entire logistics fleet. These measures are a significant step towards sustainable and environmentally friendly logistics that are not only efficient but also responsible

Our commitment

Our contribution to a sustainable and socially responsible future

At CONTI-TRANS, we recognise our social responsibility and are actively committed to the well-being of the communities in which we operate. Through targeted initiatives and meaningful partnerships, we are committed to creating a positive social impact. Whether through local education projects, promoting job opportunities or supporting charitable organisations, our social efforts help to sustainably improve the quality of life and opportunities in the regions in which we operate.

Sustainability factors

On the way to a green future

Euro 6 standard fleet

Our entire fleet complies with the Euro 6 standard, which means we meet strict emission standards and minimise our environmental impact.

Efficient route optimisation

Through precise route optimisation, we minimise empty kilometres, reduce fuel consumption and help to reduce CO2 emissions.

LNG tractor units

The use of LNG truck motors demonstrates our commitment to alternative, environmentally friendly fuels and promotes a green future.

Comprehensive environmental philosophy

The careful use of resources and the protection of the environment are not just principles, but a daily commitment in our corporate philosophy.

Promoting sustainable development

We are actively committed to sustainable development and consider sustainability to be a central component of our corporate values.

Social responsibility

Through initiatives and partnerships, we contribute to social responsibility, strengthen local communities and shape a more positive future.

Environmental awareness

Our responsibility

CONTI-TRANS is aware of its responsibility for the environment and is committed to sustainable action. We have set ourselves the goal of reducing our ecological footprint and making a positive contribution to climate protection.

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